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About Our Community

EstateFinders is an exclusive private community of high-performance real estate entrepreneurs working together to find, buy and sell highly profitable Inherited Estate Homes in the State of Florida.   

Using advanced training and proprietary real-time inherited estate data, our community members tap into a hidden "shadow inventory" source of thousands of distressed high-equity estate homes that appear each month in Florida with highly motivated sellers and no competition.    

Since these estate homes do not appear on any list you can buy today, no one knows they even exist - much less how to find them.   By joining our community, you will be the first to find these homes to turn them into highly profitable real estate deals on demand.

Our collaborative community will help you learn how to grow a highly profitable real estate business by tapping into an endless source of off-market, motivated seller properties.     

If you're a frustrated real estate professional with a burning desire to be more, do more, and earn more - please join us today.  We'll teach you the secret to creating Wealth & Freedom in Real Estate with real-time inherited estate homes.